Organic fire cider tincture


This good ‘ol fashioned traditional folk remedy is just what you need to boost your immune system and fight off cold, viruses, and flu symptoms.

🔥Fire Cider is a potent herbal concoction that contains raw organic apple cider as the base. The ACV combined with immune-boosting herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables is sure to give your immune system a boost also boosting energy!

Some of the amazing benefits of Fire Tonic are:

🔥Great way to clear your body of nasty bacteria
🔥Keep colds and flu away
🔥Powerful immunity blend
🔥Aids with digestion
🔥Boost Immunity
🔥Soothes sore throats
🔥Preventative for upper respiratory infections
🔥Aids the Upper Respiratory System

🔥Take 2-3 tablespoons Or a shot glass full daily to support immune health. Take a shot every 3-4 hours if you feel a cold or virus coming On! Shake well before using. 

Onion, peppers, turmeric, beets, horseradish, citric fruits, ginger, cloves

Legal Disclaimer: We are required by law to say that the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have a medical condition, or have any doubts – please consult your physician before buying this product. We do not offer this product with the intention to treat, cure, diagnose, or claim to cure any condition. All claims regarding this product are per third-party findings.


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